The biotechnology space is high value, high growth with high fragmentation

Many businesses have emerged with great products or services, they know where they want to go, but may not have the connections and/or channels to get there.

Cultivation powered by Cevello
At the heart of the Cevello Physical Supply Chain is the finest quality partners for cultivation. Cevello has partnered with the best growers within Western Canada and is able to facilitate access to the best cannabis and hemp in the country.
Storage powered by Cevello
Cevello’s strategic Supply Chain Partners bridge the gaps between cultivation, processing, packaging, clinical research, medical (cannabis & psychedelics) and recreational sales (cannabis only).
Transportation powered by Cevello
Cevello’s strategic Supply Chain Partners, own and operate a secure-supply-chain logistics company that offers physical & digital protection and a complete chain of custody throughout the entire transportation process.
Processing powered by Cevello
Cevello provides access to the best pharma-grade processing in the country, from hemp to cannabis, our network of toll processors is able to meet the highest in quality, and food & safety certifications.
Fin Tech powered by Cevello
Cevello’s Canadian Fin-Tech partner is on a mission to provide working capital to underserved, emerging industries with trade finance and DLT.
Labs powered by Cevello
Through our selected Physical Supply Chain Partners, we facilitate access to a group of forward-thinking laboratory and analytic experts.
International Export powered by Cevello
Cevello not only offers market & regulatory expertise, but we are also the leading conduit to international export markets for the biotechnology sphere.
Consumer powered by Cevello
Our strategic Supply Chain Partner’s goal is to provide you with convenient access to a broad variety of high-quality and fairly priced medical cannabis products to support your health and wellness goals.

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