Logistics powered by Cevello

Through our logistics partners we are able to connect the biotechnology physical supply chain with secure and stable transportation, storage and logistics management.

Licensed under the Canadian Transportation Act, and based on a foundation of industry experience developed in the secure logistics sector; Our partners have developed a smart tech platform that keeps both the product and personnel safe, secure and stable through every step of their transportation and storage.

Key attributes of Logistics powered by Cevello:
  • Procurement, mechanical processing (freeze drying), packaging, cross docking, storage and transportation
  • Logistics management from procurement through delivery to LPs, researchers, institutions and pharmacies
  • Purpose-built secure climate-controlled storage and transport assets
  • Leveraging technology to facilitate supply chain visibility, including: the real-time collection and storage of supply chain analytics and inventory management data
  • The world’s first industry specific Commercial General Liability Insurance policy: coverage while employing an experienced armed driver to transport pharmaceuticals, cannabis, and cash within the same vehicle.


Reliability and Security

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